It is true that you can shop for a house, get a peek inside without signing with a real estate agent. But unless you have time to keep moving around the whole city, an agent can match you with the property that matches your taste much faster. When you use an agent, you don’t need to know everything about buying a house if you hire a professional agent who does. Real estate agent have first-hand knowledge of the real estate market of the exact area you want your new home. Without an agent, getting into that perfect home, you want to buy will be difficult. Sellers are happy to let a buyer’s agent have access to their home, rather than allowing an unlicensed stranger access their home. Without an agent for you to visit the property, the seller or the seller agent must be available, and this can be time consuming and difficult. With a professional agent, you will have an experienced advocate and negotiator. For many people buying a home is the largest transaction of their life and it’s often done when life changes. An agent looks at a transaction with more experienced and rational eye. An agent helps you understand your option, and serve a balance against making a rash decision. Especially at the negotiation table, an agent gets you the best deal possible, without letting feeling get in the way. When you hire a licensed real estate agent under an agency agreement, your agent will be bound by the same law, which is to act in their client’s best interest. Finally, finding a good agent is important, you will want an agent who’s knowledgeable, dedicated and who has no conflict of interest to represent you when you want to buy a home.